Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Clinton can't Shut UP

Alternet says Sec. Clinton calls for 'speedy release' of Roxana. Clinton should know that the Iranians will do just the opposite. As, Mrs. Clinton takes money from Arab states the Iranians want to discredit her. The reason being the Islands that the Iranians and Arabs fight over.

Even still Clinton states she handed the Iranians a letter asking for the release of Mr. Leviston. God only knows what happened to him.

In addition, Clinton mentions an Esha Momeni who was arrested in Iran back in October 2008. She was released a couple of weeks later. Miss Momeni's alleged crime was a traffic violation.

Roxana Saberi was arrested Jan 2009. In those short two weeks of Miss Momeni's detention the group "Code Pink", a feminist wackedout organization, goes to Iran. They personally told me that they talked to the civilized people of Iran.

It appears to me that Miss Momeni rose up as a false witness against Roxana. Whereas, Code Pink now has "Don't Bomb Iran" on their website.

Code Pink is also running a campaign against President Obama. I have never heard Code Pink say anything about Clinton. There is nothing on Code Pink's website for Roxana. Which proves that Miss Momeni gave false testimony against Roxana. In fact, when this author spoke with Code Pink's office the girl stated she had not heard anything about Roxana's case.

The girl in Code Pink's office is either a bold face liar. Or completely out of touch. This author thinks it is the liar aspect.

Last but not least, the Iranians want, count them, 3 Iranians held in Iraq released. It appears that Clinton thinks she can deal with thugs.

The Iranians can release Roxana for Allah loves Goodly Deeds. Allah wants the Hereafter for his servants not worldly possessions. For Allah loves the Good Doer. Allah is All Merciful, All Beneficent.

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  1. The leader of Code Pink here in Minneapolis, is a Stalinist, who never met a dictator she didn't apologize for.