Thursday, April 23, 2009


Mr. Ghobadi doesn't make sense. He states spies are sneaky and malicious. In his letter, he complains his film was banned. Another film he could not get authorization to film. Which leads to the question...Is that the film "Nobody know the Persian Cat" being shown at the Cannes Film Festival?

In addition, in the letter to Roxana Mr. Ghobadi clearly states that she had wanted to leave Iran it appears in late 2006. Then, he writes that she was just looking for a local publisher. So, that her book could be published in Iran. Those statements do not add up.

So, Mr. Ghobadi encourages Roxana to stay while he finishes his film. Which he may or may not of had authorization for. Then, she is put in jail for spying. He is off to the Cannes Film Festival.

One more note, Mr. Ghobadi talks of Roxana not going out of her apartment for days. He also states that she told him everywhere she went including "asking his advice". So, he would know when she was in her apartment or not. He stated having keys to her apartment.

Do I need to send an army to Tehran to find out what this evidence is against Miss Roxana Saberi?

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