Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yahoo Daily News Photo Lineup

This picture can be accesed by going to yahoo search, check 'images', then look for the 5th picture on the last row of the first page. After clicking on that image one will see that Yahoo Daily News has put the picture of Roxana filiming in Tehran as part of the Iran Nuclear Issue. The image before this picture is of the Buschwer power plant which if very far from Tehran.
No one needs Roxana to decide what is going on at Buschwer power plant. Yet, Yahoo News had to do Iran's bidding by making it appear that Roxana was somehow involved in the Iranian Nuclear Issue.
Well, it seems they have corrected their mistake. This author has to credit Yahoo Daily News for being gentlemen and being prudent. Thank You very much. The picture can now be viewed without the power plant being before the picture of Roxana. Here is the new line up:
May we all pray for Roxana to come home. Including the other woman who may have not realized that change is something that only time can deal with.
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