Saturday, April 11, 2009

Liars, Cheats, & Gossipers

Iran accuses journalist of spying by the BBC link-
"Ms Saberi worked for the BBC for a few months in 2006" is under the caption of the free NPPA picture that was given to the AP. Which the BBC has paid AP to use even though it was given to them for free from the NPPA.
It is very apparent that the BBC has cleared itself of all deeds of Roxana. For as the captions says, she only worked for the BBC during a few months in 2006.
The BBC has no shame much like the NPPA or the AP. Their is no photographer's name by this picture. This author has on good source it was a local Iranaian that took this picture. The NPPA said it was the most recent picture of Roxana. The picture was entered in the 2009 best photo contest. So, the picture was taken after Roxana was taken into custody.
"Ms Saberi originally faced the less serious accusations of buying alcohol, then working as a journalist without a valid press card. " Here the BBC is trying to take a jab at someone working hard to release Roxana. In that Shiraz is a bottle of wine and a town in Iran. The town was bombed in April of 2008. So, when the Iranians stated that she purchased wine. They were trying to connect Roxana to something she had nothing to do with.
Didn't the BBC become part of the stupidity that asked that the Iranians charge Roxana or let her go. Wasn't that the stupid? The Iranians charged her with being aka a CIA spy. Which makes Simon Marks a CIA spy and that is really fantasy land.
This author couldn't understand why so many executives would ask the Iranians to charge her. They could of asked to let her go. It seems they wanted to clear their conscience. Maybe embarrass President Obama. DO THEY WORK FOR IRANIAN INTELLIGENCE?
"A number of UK and US media outlets, including the BBC, have called on Iran to allow independent access to her. " YAH, because that will really help Roxana. Their F'n mouths have done enough.
Maybe yet, the BBC knows something about the Shiraz bombing. Thus, calling for Roxana to be charged. Then, writing how she is charged with something worse then buying a bottle of wine.

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