Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It seems as though Mr. Ghobadi in his letter forgot to tell us he was going to Europe. In his letter about Roxana he states being so depressed he had to make her stay. Now, he is packing up and leaving.

As Mr. Ghobadi put it best in his letter about Roxana "We all know – no, we have all seen in movies – that spies are malicious and sneaky, that they peep around for information, and that they are very well paid." & "My Iranian girl with Japanese eyes and an American ID, is in jail. Shame on me! Shame on us!"

The Iranians have stated that Roxana isn't American but Iranian. They say she broke Iranian law. What law she broke they will not say.

More than anything, the diplomats for representing Iranians Interests in America stated that the issue was about them only having one reporter. A reporter whose border is only 25 miles from the United Nations Building. In addition, that the Gaza situation is to blame for why Roxana is in prison. (well, in so many words)

"Shame on us" Who is us? Would Mr. Ghobadi like to answer that question.;jsessionid=974CC1FA93335E27DEB0.2057?view=World+News+Item&feed:a=latimes_1min&feed:c=worldnews&feed:i=46445400&nopaging=1

He is going to Europe now. Even though his last film was banned in Iran and went underground.

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